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    7th and 8th Grade English
    Room 217
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    Why is English important?
    It is my belief and experience that reading is the foundation for all education. The ability to read can be found and elicited in every student. The level of proficiency in reading is based on the amount of time and effort a student contributes to reading. Those who devote and spend hours practicing their reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills and become excellent readers will excel in every other portion of their lives, as reading is essential to good writing and even formulating and solving mathematical problems. Students can also keep their level of reading proficient by developing a love of independent reading. This year reading and writing have been separated. However, reading is still critical for good writers. We will be using reading examples as "mentor texts" to improve our writing and grammar. 

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    Excellent readers may become excellent writers. Seventh-grade English is about writing. A lot. Throughout the year, we will push the students to strive toward excellence in their writing, through improved grammar and word choice, as well as incorporating figurative language like similes, hyperbole, alliterations, allusions, metaphors, personification, onamotopoeia and oxymorons (SHAMPOO). We'll look at how professional writers hone their craft and polish our own.
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    I love writing and reading, and I wish to share that passion with students and excite them about a world of possibilities through both reading and writing. My fervent hope is to see my students who have graduated continue to read and stretch their knowledge throughout their lives and to share their love of reading with their parents, siblings and children. I desire for them to develop a lifelong love of learning and reading that will reach far beyond my classroom.

    Learning makes the world go around

    What will we learn?
    This is a class that should be fun. Students have the opportunity to develop a love of reading. They get to hear stories read out loud with inflection. They get a chance to discuss and work in groups. They'll learn to write in different styles and genres. They get to express themselves, be creative and expand their learning.
    Our goal this year falls in line with ECISD's grade level assurances (put simply, what you can be assured they'll know by the end of the year).
    By the end of seventh grade, students will:
      >> Show a basic understanding of the affix method for expanding vocabulary.
      >> Demonstrate an understanding of literary concepts, such as literary devices, characterization, plot analysis, and genre distinction.
      >> Use strategies for reading widely and analyzing culturally diverse texts.
      >> Distinguish a main idea in a text from its surrounding details and draw conclusions based on details.
      >> Support responses from relevant aspects of text.
      >> Make and form generalizations based on information found in a variety of genres.
      >> Use conventions and syntax required in academic writing.
      >> Demonstrate competency in moving among the recurring processes of writing, particularly expository and narrative writing.
    It's in a book, just take a look
    The fun's already begun:
    If you have any questions about how your child is doing or what to expect from them or me, feel free anytime to contact me. I answer e-mail daily at david.lee@ectorcountyisd.org and can take phone calls at (432) 456-2644 from 10:40 a.m. to 11:32 a.m. daily.