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    Welcome to the Crockett Boys Athletics Home page. We Now use Rank One Sport (http://rankonesport) to display game and meet times. 

    Coaches Information   Coaches Office 432-456-5421 

    Michael Mullins      
    Randall Holmes         
    Nathan Keppler       
    Jermil Lewis            
    Mario Alvarez          Head Soccer Coach / Head Cross Country  
    Parent Information 

    RankOneSport Help

    ***Things you will need before you start: Student ID Number, Student Prescriptions Insurance Card.***

    Tip: For County Be sure to Select Ector County Odessa


    1)      On the ECISD web page choose Crockett Middle School on the drop down box on the top Left.

    2)      On the lower right side under site shortcuts it will say ECISD physical forms.

    3)      You will click on the Log in if you have an account if you don’t you will click Register Now.

    4)      You will then come to a scree that has the following information:

    Frist ________                                          Last________

    Email _______                                         

    Password _________                              Confirm Password __________

    5)      Next you will check your email. Click the link to confirm it.

    6)      You will then come to a scree that has the following information:

    Student ID

    Student Last Name

    7)      You will then have a screen with your student Name on it. You must click on the Students name to fill out the forms. (Total of 8 forms)


    School Locations

    Abell - 3201 Heritage Blvd – Midland

    Alamo - 3800 W Storey at McDonald – Midland

    Bonham - 2201 E 21st & Bonham – Odessa

    Crockett - 2301 N Conover – Odessa

    Bowie- 500 W 21st – Odessa

    Ector - 809 W Clements & Fall St. – Odessa

    Goddard - 2500 Haynes Ave. – Midland