• Deborah McDavid: 7th-8th Grade P.E.; 9th Grade Health; 8th Grade Girls' Athletics

    Currently serving as the Physical Education Department Head
    Class Schedule:              
    1st period-8:54a.m.-9:45a.m. (7th grade boys P.E.)
    2nd period-9:50a.m.-10:40a.m. (7th grade girls P.E.)
    3rd period-10:50a.m.-11:40a.m. (ISS)
    4th period-11:45a.m.-12:35p.m. (9th grade Health)
    5th period-12:40p.m.-1:15p.m. (lunch)
    6th period-1:20p.m.-2:10p.m. (8th grade P.E.)
    7th period-2:15p.m.-3:10p.m. (conference)
    8th period-3:15p.m.-4:10p.m. (8th grade Girls' Athletics)


    "Striving for Excellence...
    Education Makes a Difference; Make Getting an Education Top Priority"

    e-mail:Deborah.Mcdavid@ectorcountyisd.org                                                                                               Phone: (432)456-3077
    Job Responsibilities: 
    Health: Educating students about health topics that they can learn and continue to apply to their personal lives during their lifetime.
    Physical Education: Teaching the students that participating in physical activity and having fun will help their bodies to stay in shape, and keep it healthy.
    Years of experience: 17
    Education: Associates in Science Degree (Odessa College); Bachelor of Science Degree (UTPB); currently working on Masters Degree (UTPB)
     "Ector Eagles Will  Always Soar With Pride"
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