•                  welcome
    to 7th Grade Science

    This class is taught by Jo Almager at

    Ector College Prep Success Academy

    in Odessa, Texas. The contents of this website provide information to the students of this class and their parents.  This is an interdisciplinary Science in nature however, much of the content focus on Physical Science.  Units this year will include:  Scientific Investigation and Reasoning, Matter and Energy, Force, Motion, and Energy, Earth and Space, Organisms and Environments.  All of our content reflects the standards set forth in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for 7th grade Science.  Visit the links below for additional information.
    -Ector College Prep Success Academy:
    The vision of Ector College Prep Success Academy is to offer diverse and unique opportunities including academic, performing arts, social and cultural development designed to cultivate the infinite potential of lifelong learners.

    Ector College Prep Success Academy Mission:
    The mission of the Academy at Ector is:  "To engage, enlighten, empower, and equip students to become productive citizens achieving their infinite potential" students to become productive citizens. -

                                                Ector Creed:

    Soaring Eagles
           Everyone speaks politely and uses only
           Appropriate language
           Give your attention when others are speaking 
           Learing is continuous and
           Excellent work is turned in on time
           School rules are followed by everyone

    Class Motto:
    Each student in this class ROCKS! 
                                         Chooses Responsibility
                                         Keeps a Positive Attitude
                                         Strives for Success
          The guidelines for
    is to remember the SIX P's
        1. Be Prompt
        2. Be Prepared
        3. Be Polite
        4. Be Productive
        5. Be Positive
        6. Be Proud of Your Effort
Last Modified on August 1, 2018