Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Coordinator
    Jessie Garcia  
    (432) 456-4973
    There are many reasons why learning a second language can be beneficial to your future.  At ECISD we are happy to provide you with choices.  Research the language you would like to learn and dive into a new culture. Think about visiting France and eating a fresh croissant near the Eiffel Tower. How about enjoying some traditional music and food at the annual Oktoberfest in Germany? Walk along the Great Wall of China.  Explore the rainforest of Costa Rica, listen to Mariachi music in México, learn to Tango in Argentina, or eat some tapas in España.  All of these are wonderful possibilities that languages and their individual cultures offer.  Open your mind to the endless opportunities that are in the world.  Whatever language you choose be prepared to learn the skills necessary to use the language successfully.  Get involved, and a wonderful experience awaits you in Languages Other than English!
Last Modified on August 22, 2018