• Parents are strongly discouraged from dropping students off before 7:15 a.m. Adult supervision is limited before this time and creates an unsafe environment for our students. Students are to go directly to the cafeteria upon arrival. Morning assembly will begin at 7:30a.m. If a student arrives after 7:45 a.m., the student must obtain a tardy pass in the foyer before heading to the classroom. This will be their pass to class.

    For the safety of the children at Gonzales Elementary School, we ask that during drop off/pick-up times you help us adhere to the following procedures:

         During dismissal, cones will be placed in the front of the building to designate the location of each grade level.

         An adult must be present in order for a student to be dismissed from the cones. For the safety of your child, we cannot allow students to walk across the street to enter or exit a vehicle. If you wish to park on Disney (or any other street) you must exit your vehicle and walk to pick up your child. Please pay close attention to all school personnel. If a crossing guard is not at the cross walk, you must cross your child. This applies to both drop-off and pick up procedures. Please do no task us to make any exceptions.

         Please utilize the crosswalk and do not cross in the middle of the street… it is important to model and practice this behavior for the safety of our children.

         If you choose to stay in your vehicle during arrival and dismissal, please pull into the right lane of traffic. Enter the school driveway and your child will exit or enter your vehicle at this location. It is strongly encouraged that all parents utilize this lane and wait inside their vehicles. Never leave your vehicle unattended in this lane.

         Students will not be allowed to enter or exit a vehicle located in the passing (center) lane.

         When exiting the driveway onto Disney, please note that this is a right only turn. In addition,do not enter the school coming north on Custer, please turn right onto Disney instead. We are respectfully requesting that all parents enter from Disney to minimize traffic and ensure a speedy arrival/dismissal. This will also help alleviate the problem concerning our students entering the buses.

         Per recommendation of OPD, parents will no longer be able to park or drive into the north parking lot. This area will be coned off. All changes have been made in supervision of both OPD and ECISD police departments.

         In the event of bad weather, students will be dismissed from their classrooms. Procedures will remain same. Please do not park cars in the circle drive. Instead, staff members will radio the classrooms to dismiss students as their rides arrive.This will minimize the amount of time students spend outdoors.