• Welcome to physics with Charles Atchley.







    Welcome toPhysics!  I am looking forward to awonderful year with you.  Please read thefollowing information to ensure that we both have a clear understanding of theclass expectations for the coming year.


    Physics is a math-intensive science course.  It ismeant to accelerate the student’s algebra and critical thinking abilities tothe college level.  In order to achieve this,there will be ample opportunity to receive individual help in class and out ofclass. 



    Materials for class:

    Pen and pencil, all supplies should come with you to class every day.  An interactivenotebook* will be kept in Physics this year. You will need a single subject spiral dedicated for this class. The spiral needs to stay in this class. 


    * You willneed to keep your notebook with your notes, assignments, and other physicsmaterial up to date.  This will help you as the year goes on.  Everything youlearn in physics is accumulative; you use what you learn at the first of theyear for the rest of the year.  A samplenotebook will be kept in the classroom for your assistance.




    My conferenceperiod is (forth period). I will be available to talk to parents on the phone or in person duringthis time. .



    Test grades are worth  50% of the 6 week average.  Daily grades and homework are 45% of the 6weeks grade. 5% of the 6 week grade will be 2 planner checks a six weeks.  The final is 25% of the semester average.


    State and board policy states that a student may redo any assignment or test within 5days of receiving a grade that falls below 70. The make up grade cannot be higher than a 75.  The semester final is NOT included in this policy.


    Science Lab:

    Due to safetyissues, improper behavior in lab area will be detrimental to the student’sgrade for that particular lab, and he/she could be prohibited from going intothe lab area for the remainder of the year.


    School and Teacher Provided Supplies:

    Studentsare responsible for replacement of anything(slides, glassware, microscopes, calculators, stop watches, accelerometers,springs, etc.) broken due to carelessness or misuse. Broken items will becharged according to current catalog replacement costs.


    Progress Reports:

    Progressreports will be handed out every three weeks during the year. Parents, pleasemark your calendars.  There will also bea list of student averages and grades by ID number posted weekly in adesignated area. TXConnect parent portal website is also available to parentsto view student’s grades daily.  Contactyour student’s secretary for information and forms.


    Classroom Rules:

    Follow allschool rules and policies.  This willmean be on time, treat others and their belongings the way you would wantyourself and your things to be treated. Also, bring all materials to class, and give others and especiallyyourself the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.

    ·       Sit in your assigned seat unless instructedto do otherwise.

    ·       If there is lab equipment on the lab tables,DO NOT MESS WITH IT.

    ·       Computers are for physics work only.

    ·       Clean up after any lab and put your labchairs back under the table.

    ·       Follow all lab and class safety rules.

    ·       No horse play or throwing objects in theroom.

    ·       No one leaves till all calculators arereturned to their bin.






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