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    Alphabet blocks
    I am pleased to begin my 11th year as a teacher with E.C.I.S.D.  This is my seventh year at Blanton where I have enjoyed working with students of various ages and grades as a Special Education Teacher and as a second grade teacher. This year,   I am excited to begin my second year as a Preschool teacher.   Please feel free to navigate my website for helpful websties and activities your students may enjoy at home.  Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.
    Pre-K is an exciting year.  Many students are away from their parents for the first time and learn so many things in a short amount of time.  Here is a list of a few goals we have for your children.  We try to teach these in a fun and interesting manner.  
    Preschool goals:  
    1.  Name at least 20 uppercase and lowercase letters
    2.  Count to 30, write 1-10, identify 1-20
    3.  Name shapes
    4.  Name colors
    5.  Rhyme words
    6.  Count syllables in words
    7.  Blend words
    8.  Segment words
    9.  Write name 
    10.  Know how to use scissors and glue
    11.  Work in a group independently 
    Shannon Blau
    (432) 456-1259