• At Ross Elementary, our vision is to develop joyful scholars with academic courage and intrinsic motivation through student-led, personalized learning, allowing them to become successful citizens. 

    Ross is proud to be an Opportunity Culture School

    Opportunity Culture

    Opportunity Culture is an innovative approach to staffing that multiplies the impact of highly effective teachers, thereby improving student performance. Opportunity Culture also enhances efforts to recruit and retain highly qualified instructors by offering career advancement opportunities, sustainable higher pay, and on-the-job professional development and support. Bringing Opportunity Culture to the Permian Basin is a result of partnerships with Public Impact, US PREP, and the University of Texas Permian Basin.

    The Multi-Classroom Leader, or MCL, heads a powerful team of teachers, advanced paraprofessionals, and teacher residents. MCLs provide intensive, day-to-day support, collaboration, and professional development to all members of the team – which helps with recruiting and retaining staff. Opportunity Culture works within the existing school budget to pay teacher-leaders more, making pay supplements sustainable. Student performance improves as highly effective teachers collaborate and reach more students every day.

    Ross has been an Opportunity Culture Campus since 2020-21. Teachers benefit. Students benefit. Our community benefits.

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