About Odessa Collegiate Academy


    Welcome to Odessa Collegiate Academy - OCA!  Home of the Wolves! 

    We are an Early College High School in Ector County ISD, grades 9-12, located on the Odessa College campus in Deaderick Hall.  Our 475+ students earn and graduate with BOTH a high school diploma and an Associates Degree (60 or more college hours) from Odessa College at the same time through Dual Credit classes, which are tuition free.  Our students are taught by both high school teachers and by college professors, depending on the class and subject.  Our students also meet regularly with our high school academic counselor and our dual credit college counselor (college liaison) to ensure they are on track to graduate with both degrees.  All our students are issued a Lenovo laptop (Windows based) to complete and submit many of their high school and college assignments through Blackboard.  Each year we accept approximately 125-130 Freshmen students through an application process that is completed in the Fall semester.  Stop by for a visit to our campus and learn more about the exciting things that are happening at our school.  Go Wolves!!!

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    and/or Twitter @OCAwolves  #BlueWolfFamily


    Our OCA Mission:

    As the OCA Family, we foster innovative leaders driven to forge the future. 


    Our ECISD Mission:

    Believing OUR students are THE future, the mission of Ector County ISD is to inspire and challenge

    every student to be prepared for success and to be adaptable in an ever-changing society. 




    Principal - James Ramage  Email:  james.ramage@ectorcountyisd.org 

    Counselor - Dana Huckaby  Email:  dana.huckaby@ectorcountyisd.org 

    OC College Dual Credit Liaison - Stephanie Galindo  Email:  sgalindo@odessa.edu 

    OC Dean for Odessa Collegiate Academy - Pervis Evans  Email:  pevans@odessa.edu 

    Campus Secretary & Registrar - Magen Ramirez  Email:  magen.ramirez@ectorcountyisd.org 

    Campus Attendance & Building Clerk - position open at this time 


    Contact Information:

    201 W University

    Deaderick Hall, Room 101, Odessa College

    Odessa, Texas, 79764

    Phone:  432-456-6429

    Fax:  432-456-6428