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  • Chester William Nimitz History

    February 24, 1885 – February 20, 1966

    Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz was a five-star admiral in the United States Navy. He held the dual command of Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet, for U.S. naval forces and Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas, for U.S. and Allied air, land, and sea forces during World War II. He was the leading U.S. Navy authority on submarines, as well as Chief of the Navy's Bureau of Navigation in 1939. He served as Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) from 1945 until 1947. He was the United States' last surviving Fleet Admiral.

    Admiral Nimitz served our country from 1905 – 1947 (42 years of service). During this 42 year stint in the military, Nimitz served in the following wars:


    • World War I
    • World War II
    • Battle of Coral Sea
    • Battle of Midway
    • Solomon Islands Campaign
    • Battle of the Philippine Sea
    • Battle of Leyte Gulf
    • Battle of Iwo Jima
    • Battle of Okinawa



    • 4 Navy Distinguished Service Medals
    • Army Distinguished Service Medal
    • Order of the Bath
    • Legion of Honor