• Technology Applications

    Mr. Walker

    Room 172, (432) 456-6446
     Main Office Telephone: (432) 456-0029


    Technology Applications is a subject where students can learn not to use technology, but how to make technology useful for themselves and others. This is a large step beyond merely using modern computing technology as a device for the passive reception and consumption of content. Instead, it is using technology as a tool for self-reliance and self-expression.

    General Expectations

    You must demonstrate your Broncho PRIDE on a constant basis. You can do this in the following ways:

    • P—Purpose: the purpose of Technology Applications is to learn how to apply technology to create useful things for yourself and others; you should also act with purpose—always acting in service of a constructive goal;
    • R—Respect:
      • for yourself, by proper dress and grooming,
      • for me and other teachers, by following my directions when given and listening attentively in lectures,
      • for your fellow learners, by allowing and helping them to learn, and
      • for the school, by leaving facilities, furniture and especially computer equipment in at least as good a state as you found it;
    • I—Integrity: doing your work for yourself and no one else, while honestly seeking assistance from me or your classmates when you need it, and giving honest assistance when asked;
    • D—Diligence: doing your assigned tasks to the best of your ability in the time allotted, and paying attention in lectures without letting yourself be distracted for long;
    • E—Etiquette: behaving pleasantly, saying "May I?" and "please" when asking for something, saying "thank you" when something is given, and by addressing people properly with "Mr." and "Ms.", "Yes, sir" or "No, ma'am".

    Cell Phone Usage

    Generally, none. Please put your devices on airplane mode as soon as you enter the room and put them away. There may be rare and limited circumstances where you will be permitted to use your phones or tablets; these will be noted by a green sign posted at the front of the room. Also, remove and put away all earbuds or headphones.

    Computer Lab Rules

    The computers are school property and are to be used only for learning activities related to your course during class time or tutorials. This does not include games or streaming media of any sort, nor does it include playing video or audio except in the case where your course may require it. The consumption of food or drink is also prohibited, except for bottled water.


    When the above expectations are not met, the following consequences will generally apply:

    1. Warning
    2. Removal to alternative activity
    3. Parent contact
    4. Referral to administration

    Classroom Layout

    As the power and network connections are around the outside walls, the computer lab area is around the outside of the room. To minimize the amount of off-task behavior on the computers, time on them will be limited to class activities requiring them. Otherwise, students will be seated at five tables in the center of the room, arranged in a grid, though this will be adjusted. My desk will be placed at the front of the room near the projector VGA connection and facing outward with storage behind it. There will also be one table set up for managing robotics resources.