• Reagan Academic Magnet Science Fair
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    This page is dedicated to one of the most exciting events Reagan Academic Magnet School has to offer-- Science Fair! There are many benefits to completion of a science fair project. A science fair project offers our students the opportunity to plan, research, and complete a long-term project. A science fair project also helps students successfully meet objectives that the State of Texas has set for the science curriculum. In addition, a science fair provides our students the opportunity to use elements of depth and complexity in a self-selected topic.
    Science Fair is mandatory project for all Reagan students in grades 4-6. Projects will be individually completed. No partner and/or group projects will be allowed.
    We look forward to a wonderful learning experience with your children, and we sincerely appreciate your support in making this a positive and successful project.

    2. DUE DATES
    In order to help guide our students through the necessaryresearch and project completion, various components of the project will be dueat specific times.  Some grade levels will have slightly adjusted due dates. Check with your homeroom teacher.
    The due-dates are as follows:


    ·      Project Topic Form-----------------November19, 2013

    ·      Begin Experiment-------------------November 19, 2013

    ·      Background Research Plan--------December 6, 2013

    ·      Project Summary--------------------December 18, 2014

    ·       Projects due in classroom-----------January 14, 2014

    (Note:  Due date will be different from school-wide due-date)


    ·      Reagan Science Fair--------------------January 17, 2014

    ·      Regional Science Fair Entry Forms Due--------January 21, 2014

    ·      Regional UTPB Science Fair ---------February 15, 2014


    Science fair project boards will be provided by the school.  Boards will be delivered before the winterbreak. 

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