• Austin Montessori Magnet Elementary
     Standard Attire Guidelines
    Updated February 2014

    School Approved Colors
    Tops & Undershirts: Navy blue, red, white & gold/yellow
    Pants & Bottoms: Navy blue, black & khaki
    Socks, Leggins & Tights: Navy blue, black, khaki, red, white & gold/yellow
    Guidelines for Standard Attire
    Tops & Undershirts
       Must be a solid approved school color.
       Long/short sleeved collared shirts (polo or oxford type) are acceptable.
       Shirts must be buttoned appropriately & tucked in.
       Long sleeved undershirts are accepable only in approved school colors for standard attire shirts. 
       Austin spirit t-shirts may be worn on Fridays. 
    Sweatshirts & Sweaters
       Must be solid and approved school colors.
       No hoods, zippers or pockets.
       Sweaters may include sweater vests of approved school colors.
       Must be worn as outer wear with a standard attire top.
       May be worn inside our building as long as standard attire guidelines are met and they are not tied around the waist.
    Pants & Bottoms
       Jeans or clothing of denim material are not allowed.
       Dress or docker syle pants, shorts, skirts, capris, skorts & jumpers are acceptable. 
       Dresses, skirts, shorts and skorts must be no shorter than 5 inches from the top of the kneecap. 
       No cargo style or patched pockets permitted. 
       All bottoms must be worn at the waist.
    Coats & Jackets
       Must be left in locker when in the building.
    Accessories & Extras
       Students may not wear hats, caps, sweatbands or any other head covering while in the building. 
       Shoes worn to school must be intended for outdoor wear & safe for PE and recess.  Flip flops are not acceptable. 
       "No show" socks do not have to adhere to the school approved colors but soes must remain on when worn. 
       All clothing must be a solid, approved school color & hemmed. 
       Designer logo/names will not be permitted on any standard attire clothing (including socks). 
       Clothes must be worn the way they were designed to be worn. 
       Socks must be an approved school color & no higher than just below the knee. 
       All leggings, tights and/or leg warmers are acceptable in approved school colors. 
       Belts must be worn; only black or brown leather belts with standard buckle are acceptable. 
       Accessories (hair bows and/or jewelry) do not have to be of approved school colors but will be asked to be removed if a distration.
       Neck ties are acceptable in school approved colors. 
       Administrative exemptions may be made for special days such as Field Day, Picture Day, Incentive Rewards, etc.