• All About Us

    Burnet built in 1953, was established as a neighborhood school.  Our enrollment fluctuates between 690 students and 750 students throughout the school year.  During the past fifty-five years, Burnet has had only  8 Administrators/Principals: Elmer Dossey, Arvil Kidd, Billy Patterson, Jay Davis, Horton Kidd, Steve Tercero, Lisa Wills, and Tristan Specter. 


    Since it was built, Burnet has had only minor reconstruction, until 2004-2005 school year.  Recent renovations included moving our main entrance from the Permian Drive side of the school to the Maple side.  This has alleviated much before and after school traffic congestion.  The renovations also included a conference room, additional office space, new classrooms, a new gym, and some needed building updates.


    PTA has played an important part of Burnet Elementary.  The PTA’s fundraising activities have greatly supported our school through the purchase of new playground equipment and, recently, a new sound system.  We would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to the Burnet PTA!

    Who's Who

    Many successful business people from our community attended Burnet.  Business owners Billy Howell, Bob Batte, and Phil Fouche, as well as professional athletes, Daryl Hunt and Britt Hager, attended school at Burnet

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