• Dance I with Bode
     Welcome to dance!
    This class is highly athletic and active. We do cardio, strength-training, and plyometric work along with our stretching and muscle training. Please be aware of the implications of this kind of work.
    In order to be successful, students must always be dressed out, keep up with their daily do nows and vocabulary in their spirals, utilize their school planners, and always participate fully in our work and activities.



    In this course, students develop an awareness of the body’s movement, using sensory information while dancing, apply body sciences and fitness principles, develop knowledge and skills of dance elements and choreographic processes in a variety of styles, and demonstrate an understanding of cultural, historical, and artistic diversity in dance.  Students may fulfill the fine arts or elective requirements for graduation with successful completion of this course.


    ATTIRE: (Each student must have proper dance attire by Monday, September 14th )


    Dance is an activity class; students must dress in appropriate clothing that abides with the OHS dress code at all times.  Correct attire does not restrict motion and allows the teacher to quickly spot incorrect body alignment, placement, and/or movement patterns.


    Tops: Form-fitting and flexible (dance/active wear); NO tank-tops. NO loose/baggy t-shirts. All tops must be in dress code. 

    Pants: Leggings, yoga pants or dance tights (must wear shorts on top)

    Shoes: Students may wear ONLY ballet shoes, jazz shoes, lyrical sandals, athletic socks or bare feet on the dance floor. Flip-flops, house slippers, or regular street shoes are unacceptable for safety and maintenance reasons. No shoes with black soles.

    Hair: Pulled back and out of face




    *Writing utensils

    *Index cards



    How Your Student Will Be Graded:


    Major Grades (50%)-This accounts for all major tests, notebook grades, performance/technique checks, unit or chapter tests, or our choreography projects. 


    Minor Grades (45%)-4 per six weeks. Handouts, Quiz grades and daily assessments of your child’s knowledge and interaction in the class; in order to receive a 100, students must be completely dressed out (see dress code requirements above), actively listening, engaged, and actively participating. Students will be given a grade for each day and then those grades will be averaged together for one weekly grade in the online grade book.


    Planner (5%)-2 per six weeks; this is the school-issued, mandatory planner



    For every absence from class (excused or un-excused), the student will receive a daily grade of a “0”.  Students have the number of school days missed plus 1 to replace the “0” with a “100” by completing a Magazine Assignment.  Magazine assignments and dance magazines are available per request.  If a severe illness or injury prohibits a student from participating in dance activities, proper physician documentation is REQUIRED; in this case, the teacher will substitute certain activities with provided written assignments or modified physical activity (depending on the situation).



    Students MUST provide a DOCTORS note in order to be excused from any daily activity (sit out). If a student fails to dress out, they will still be required to participate in class but will receive a grade no higher than a 50.



    1.     Follow all instructions.

    2.     Students must be inside the studio, dressed out, in their assigned spots, working on their notebooks no later than 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings.

    3.     Show respect to the teachers, administrators and other students so each student may learn.

    4.     Bring required dance attire daily.

    5.     Remain quiet during all announcements.

    6.     Comply with all school rules, regulations and policies.

    7.     No food, drink or gum is allowed in the Studio or Dressing Room…WATER ONLY

    8.     Gum is prohibited during dance activities.

    9.     Always come in and be productive with ‘Do Now” and stretching.

    10.   You are responsible for getting all make-up work (magazine assignments)


    Students are required to perform in one evening recital this year on Friday, April 29th.  This recital will showcase all of the dance students at Odessa High School.  Students are required to take off work and attend the scheduled rehearsals and show, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  If a student does not participate in the recital, he/she will fail dance for the year. If one of the dance teachers determines there to be a VALID reason why a student cannot perform in the recital, a lengthy and arduous assignment will be given in place of their performance, although attendance will still be required (unless otherwise approved by the teacher).


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