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       This is my 8th year in education, seventh with special education.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me through email frances.carlos@ectorcountyisd.org or by phone (432)456-4425 my conferences is from 1:20-2:05.

       Ms. Carlos Daily Schedule 

    7:20-7:35  Morning Duty

    7:35-8   CM/Lonestar

    8-9  5th Math  Minshew D-7

    9:00-9:30  4th Reading Matta A-5

    9:30-10:10  5th Math Teauge RC-39

    10:10-10:50  4th Math Price C-4

    10:50-11:20   Lunch

    11:20-11:47  5th Science Rivas RC-135

    11:50-12:40  Lunch Skills Cafeteria

    12:40-1:20  4th Math Barry A-4

    1:20-2:05  Conference

    2:05-3:10  CM (Tuesday CPL)

    3:10-3:30  Dismissal Duty