• Destination Imagination

    October 2015

    Dear Wilson & Young parents of 6th grade Gifted and Talented students,

    Does your child thrive on challenging activities? Does your child enjoy really baffling games and puzzles? Learning new skills? Writing or performing? Building mechanical and technical things? Working in a group? Generating lots of ideas?

    Destination ImagiNation is a creative problem solving program that challenges our students to learn and experience the creative process by thinking and doing.  Some students “do” first then think about what they have done, while others “think” first, then initiate action.  It offers students a unique opportunity to participate in challenging and motivating activities. Students learn to work with others as a team developing self-confidence by creating solutions, evaluating ideas and making final decisions. Students develop their creative skills through problem solving and independent thinking. The Destination Imagination program makes learning fun!

    The components of the creative process are:

    Recognize - Becoming aware of a challenge or opportunity within a domain of interest
    - Possibility thinking; problem finding
    - Maintaining a healthy state of mind (alertness, attitude, brain health) 

    Imagine - Applying thinking skills to develop ideas for solutions
    - Learning to think flexibly between divergent and convergent processes
    - Learning fluency and future thinking

    Initiate and Collaborate - Using process and design thinking
    - Taking risks and learning to control behavior
    - Working in a collaborative manner
    - Learning and practicing interpersonal and leadership skill.

    Assess - Monitoring progress; sometimes requires starting over or admitting failure

    Evaluate and Celebrate
    - Reflecting on the experience, resources, teamwork, and celebrating the solution

    In addition to traditional classroom instruction that is challenging and Destination ImagiNation, at Wilson & Young we are always working to give our Gifted and Talented students opportunities to stretch themselves intellectually through projects and challenging extracurricular activity.

    Ms. Nordeen & Mrs. Turner                                                                                                                       Andrea Martin
    6th Grade ImagiNation Guides                                                                                                                   Principal