These are the only approved colors for standard attire clothing at Bowie Middle School:



     Navy Blue











    Pants / Shorts 
    • Dress pants or docker style pants, shorts, skirts, capris, skorts and jumper are acceptable. 
    • Dresses, skirts, shorts and skorts must be no shorter than five inches from the top of the kneecap. 
      Pants, shorts and slacks must be worn at the natural waistline.
    • No cargo style or patched pockets on any garment allowed (no elastic band/drawstring in waist
      or bottom of pant legs/ankles). 
    Shirts / Tops 
    • Long/short sleeved collared shirts (polo type or Oxford style are acceptable) and must be tucked in 
      during the school day.
    • A long sleeved undershirt is acceptable only under a standard attire shirt in acceptable school colors. 
      Both shirts must be a solid school color.

    Sweaters / Sweatshirts 

    •  Must be worn over a collared standard attire shirt; the one size larger rule applies.
    • No hoods, zippers or pockets on sweatshirts.
    • May be worn inside building as long as standard attire guidelines are met and they are not tied around
      the waist.


    •  A belt is optional.  If a student chooses to wear a belt, it must be plain brown or black.  No initial or oversized buckles.  Belts may not  be oversized so that the end of the belt hangs down.  Belts may not have studs or metal trappings.  


    • All student backpacks must be clear plastic or mesh.  All backpacks must be free from enhancements or writing that advertise, glorify, or support offensive, lewd, vulgar, obscene or profane language, images or gestures, gangs, illegal activities, tobacco, sex, alcohol, illegal drugs, or violence.   


    • Students will be required to wear shoes at all times - taps, metal plates, or cleats on shoes will not be permitted; prohibited footwear includes slippers or footwear not intended for outdoor wear or shoes equipped with roller blades/wheels.  Flip flops are acceptable.


    • No caps, beanies, hats or any other head covering shall be worn on campus.  Bandanas are not allowed on campus. 

    Student ID's

    • Students must wear ID's with a Bowie Middle School lanyard.  Thecolor-coded lanyard must be worn anytime you are on campus.  Student ID's are a part of standard attire.  Student ID's are the property of Bowie Middle School.  No stickers, no writing, and no defacing of ID's is permitted.  Replacement ID's are $5.00, plastic covers are $2.00 and lanyards are $1.00.  Temporary ID's can be purchased for $2.00.