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    Tim Baker



    Veronica Mendoza


    Mr. Baker is very excited to tell you about the new media center app!  The BRYTEWAVE K-12 app is free and will serve as your eBOOK reader for our 335 volume ebook collection.  It also allows you to browse our card catalog to see what is available and allows you to see what you have checked out.  You can read online, bookmark pages, highlight pages, and even take notes on the books you read with our app. 
    Our eBOOK collection can be used with your smartboard in class to read books with your class.  The app works with your smartphones and tablets and you can also download it for your computer.  You will have to call the help desk to install it on your desktop computer.


    We want every teacher and student to have this free app.

    How to Download our catalog and eBook Reader






    1.  Download the BRYTEWAVE K-12 APP from the app store. (It’s free!) 


    You can also go to www.gofollett.com to download the app for


    Kindle, iPad, Windows, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Android, and other tablets




    2. Type in the following information :


        Location: Texas


        School: Bowie Middle School, Odessa


    (Be sure and type the whole thing so you will be selecting Bowie Middle School in Odessa.)




    3. Teacher username and password: firstname.lastname   password: read


        Students use their id number and their birthday (2 digit month, 2 digit day, 4 digit year)