• Sciences Department



    Picture of an atom  


    "Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science."   ~Edwin Powell Hubble




    The mission of the Bowie Middle School Science Department is to give each student an understanding of the nature of science by incorporating the theoretical aspects of the discipline into the real-life experiences of the student.  Our department wants to provide our students with a rich, varied, and rigorous science program that produces scientifically literate citizens that are knowledgeable, proficient, and enthusiastic about science.  



    As a department, we believe students must:

    • Develop skills in observation, investigation, problem solving, communication and the use of technology.
    • Acquire knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world.
    • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication in problem-solving, critical thinking, computational and research skills.
    • Work cooperatively and effectively with others while demonstrating respect for diversity.
    • Become morally responsible and active citizens to make informed decisions.
    • Demonstrate the habit of life-long learning while exploring future educational and career opportunities.
    • "Practice Curiosity"


    Bowie Middle School Science Department is dedicated to providing educational opportunities, commitment to excellence and the engagement of partnership with the community that fosters pride through example which will allow our students to reach these goals.