•  Goliad Morning Drop Off Procedures

    Kinder & First Grade Students
    The only students that will be entering the building from the front entrance doors will be those in Kinder & First Grade.
    Parents interested in dropping off your students from your vehicle, please use our front drive way (52nd Street) to do so; please do not leave your cars unattended.  Parents interested in walking in with their students, please use the Kingston Church parking lot and escort your students across the street.  You will enter the building through the front doors.  We ask that parents & guardians say goodbye to their student at the front doors so they can enter the cafeteria and get ready for Morning Assembly each day!   
    The first week of school, Kinder students will walk directly to their classrooms.  Parents & Guardians are invited to walk with them to their classrooms the first week.  After the first week, parents & guardians please be ready to say goodbye to your student at the door - they will be joining us for Morning Assembly in the cafeteria each morning beginning the second week of school.  Thank you!   
     Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade Students
    Our Second through Fifth Grade students being dropped off in a vehicle will enter the building through the back entrance (from the backdrive way on 55th Street).  Students that walk to school in these grades will still access the front of the building & use the crosswalks (please watch for crossing guards!) to enter. 
    If you have multiple students in various grade levels, you will drop all students off where appropriate for the youngest student.  For example, a family with a student in Kinder and Fourth grade will drop off following the procedures for Kinder through First Grade students. 
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    Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you are unsure or have questions about any of these expectations!  Thank you Goliad Team for your support & help keeping our students safe!   
    Goliad Phone Number: (432)456-1109