Welcome! We are excited to service our teen parents. Our district and teen parent staff are dedicated to the success of all students.  Teen pregnancy and teen parent services will do all we can to ensure support needed.
        Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) Program

    We serve all female students referred needing pregnancy related services once identified. Teen parents are served throughout completion of graduation with parent related services.

    Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) are support services, including Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI) that a student receives during the pregnancy prenatal and postpartum periods to help her adjust academically, mentally, physically and stay in school.
    TPRS Mission Statement

    Through individualized education, advocacy, and support services, Teen Parent Related Services (TPRS) will support and empower teen parents to be confident, academically successful, and responsible individuals.

    TPRS Vision "Making a Difference"

     Teen Parent Related Services (TPRS) will provide an exemplary program which supports, empowers, and prepares teen parents for the 21st century.     


    The Proven Road to Success!
Last Modified on August 6, 2018