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    Things Parents Should Know
    2017 - 2018


    Texas Senate Bill 1 states that the student will lose credit for a class if he attends fewer than 90% of the days the class meets.  Absences must be reported to the attendance clerk each day that a student is  absent.


    School Calendar


    ECISD Make Up Policy

    Students shall be allowed one school day for each consecutive absence plus one day to  make up assignments and tests.


    Late Arrival to School

    A student will be counted absent from any class period if he or she is fifteen or more minutes late.



    A student who arrives after the tardy bell will report immediately to class.  Students who are consistently tardy will face consequences which will include Warnings, Lunch D-Hall, After School D-Hall, Referrals, ISS and Parent Conferences.  Tardies will start over at the beginning of each six weeks.


    Hallway Expectations

    Students should not be in the hallways without a pass at any time.



    Students must have all required supplies for all calsses.  Parents will be called and notified if students do not comply.



    Students may not take any food items from the cafeteria.  Tables are to be left clean.   All paper, cartons and trays need to be placed in the trash cans.  Students will form single-file lines.  If a student is caught cutting in line they will be sent to the end of the line.  Parents will not be allowed to bring lunch to students during the school year.  Students are required to eat the lunch served by the cafeteria staff or bring a lunch from home.



    Breakfast will be served to all students in the classroom during first period.


    Lunch D-Hall

    Students assigned to Lunch D-Hall will immediately report to the designated Lunch D-Hall area.  Failure to report immediately will result in additional consequences.



    Lockers will be available upon request after Labor Day.  Students are not allowed to share their locker or combination with other students.  Students are responsible for the contents of their locker.   Please see Mrs. Nunez in the Assistant Principal's Office for a locker permission form.



    Classroom set will be issued to each teacher.  If you would like a personal copy of a textbook, you can check them out in the library from Ms. Mendoza after completing a textbook form and return it with a parent or guardian's signature.