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    Friday, January 19, 2018
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    soccer juggle
     soccer team        
    *** Here are some upcoming things to keep in mind:
    -   After school sports: Basketball has already started last week.  I am so proud of the students and their progress!!
     ***  Cougar Champions !! Welcome to the Family!!!
    **  5th grade:  (PE Journals)  You can check out what needs to be in your journal by clicking on the Student Council page icon.
    --  Student Council Congratulations for becoming a member of an exclusive  special group!!  Make sure to check out the Student Council page on the left side at least once a week! 
     I hope you are ready for another fun-filled year of activities, sports,nt Council Election
    Congrats  to all of the new "Cougar Champion" student council members!!
     Cougar Champion Officers  
    President:  Alyssa Casarez
    VP:     Olethsy Galindo
    Social:   Kylee Dixon
    Historian :  Naileah Castor
    ***  Officer meeting every Friday in my office from 3:30 - 3:45. (unless there is a function or I say otherwise)
     bones   Bob (E) Bones
    Can you name these bones?
    1. Femur    2.  Tibia   3.  Fibula   4. Radius  5.  Ulna   6. Mandible  7. Ribs  8. Sternum  9. Cranium  10. Phalanges  
    This Week In P.E....
    ***   subject to change due to unforseen circumstances (ie. weather....etc)
     Kinder / 1st: Stretch and Grow (Cupid Shuffle) (Ice Skating
    2nd:   Healthy Body (Cupid Shuffle or intro. to fitnessgram)  (Ice Skating)

       Healthy Body (Fitnessgram - midyear or double dutch intro.) Indoor Activity (Space Invaders)
    4th / 5th:  Healthy Body (Fitnessgram - midyear or double dutch intro.) Indoor Activity (Space Invaders)
     ***  K-1 will be doing Locomotor Skills, Stretch and Grow, Dances, Rhythm, and Manipulatives at the beginning of each class period.
    *** 2nd -5th grade will have (warm-up, stretching, and cool down "brain exercises" most weeks at the beginning of the class period. each class)
    PE Schedule:    
    5th Grade: 8:00-8:45
    4th Grade: 8:50-9:35
    3rd Grade: 9:40-10:25
    Lunch/ Conference 10:25-12:10
    2nd  Grade: 12:10-12:55
    Kinder: 1:00-1:45
    1st Grade: 1:50-2:35
    ***  Drink Plenty of Water !!!
         Student Council Alumni  Check my website next school year from time to time to see when our functions and everything else are.  You are welcome to come to any of them.  :-)
    Do not forget to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water !  You may brink a water bottle to pe if you would like.  Make sure your name is on your bottle.
    Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water!! 
    During the Fall, the temperature will start to get lower.  Make sure to bring your jackets to PE just in case.
    *** All Cougar Champion members can look under the student council icon on the left side of this page.  Thanks.
    ***    Don't forget to have your students get a drink and use the restroom before they come to PE.  Thanks.  :-)
    ***  All students should be in PE during their scheduled time.  Students should not be in their classroom during their PE time.  It is the teacher's responsibility to talk to the parent if a parent wants a conference on why the student is in the classroom and not in PE.
    *** If you have any subjects you would like for us to cover during our "brain exercise" during cool down time, let me know.  The upper grade will start covering the muscles and bone names during this time as well.
    Students and fellow staff members,
    Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life.  I really enjoy my job and care about every single one of you!! YOU ARE A BLESSING!! Coaching and Teaching is my passion, and you are the reason why I love it so much!   :-)of the 4th annual Teachers vs Special
    Areas voll
     Thanks for checking out this website!  I made it just for you to keep updated.  Student Council and Jr. Student council, make sure to check out your attachment on this web page, so you can keep up to date on the upcoming events and many other things.  :-)  I have had over 300 students and faculty check out this web page every month.  Enjoy!!
    Coach Burton
    Head Coach:  Coach  Burton
    School:  Cavazos Elementary
    School Phone:(432)456-1309
    Gym Phone: (432)456-4882
    Certifications:Physical Education / other various areas
    Degrees: Bchelors / Masters
    ** a bit about me: Ex military veteran, soccer player and coach,  
    rotating balls
    Welcome to Cavazos PE!!   We believe in instrinsically motivating students to have a lifetime of continued health.  We do this by instilling in students to have fun with physical activities, to know the important aspects of a healthy body, and to utilize the information they have learned for a lifetime of healthful living.
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