• Fever and Illness Protocol

    Students will be sent home for the following reasons:
    -A temperature of 100 degrees or higher.
    -At the nurses discretion, such as, inflamed throat, persistent cough, difficult breathing, etc.
    The student may return the following school day if the fever, vomiting or other symptoms are not present.
    IF the fever is gone the next day the student may return to school.
    Medication Policy

    Parents must bring all over the counter and prescription medications to the school.  Students CANNOT bring in the medication.  This includes cough drops, eye drops, and any creams that need to be applied to wounds, or mosquito bites.
    Prescription medications must be from a doctor who is licensed in Texas.
    The medication must be in the original container and have a prescription label: including the student's name, date, name of the medication, and the dosage with full instructions.
    All over the counter medicines need to be in their ORIGINAL container.
    All inhalers will be stored in the school's nurses office.  If a student must carry their inhaler around a form signed by the parent and doctor.
    All medicine needs to be accompanied by a parent's request for administration of medication by school personnnel.
    If the dosage of the medication changes or the frequency of the medications given at school needs to be changed the school's nurse needs updated doctors orders noting the changes to be made.  These orders may be faxed to the school office.
    Any medication that can be given before or after school needs to be done by the parents.
    The school nurse can refuse to give a medication to a child, if she/he is concerned about the safety of the medication or the condition of the child at the time of giving the medicine.
    Any medication that contains a narcotic or is herbal in nature will NOT be given at school.
    Parents may come to school to give medications themselves to their children during the school day.  For your child's safety we suggest that you tell the nurse or office staff what medication your child is receiving.
Last Modified on September 2, 2008