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    Advance Animation & Practicum Animation Syllabus

    Dear Parents or Guardians;

    Animation prepares students for a variety of college and career fields including digital animation, video games design, 3D digital art, and special effects design. Students use a 2D software, Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya

    This year we will focus on the following curriculum areas:

    Advanced Animation - Advanced Modeling & Motion Graphics

    Practicum Animation - Character Design & Special Effects


    It is required the student Animation I before attempting Animation II. It is required that student complete Animation II before attempting Practicum Animation. Student need strong reading and writing skills and a solid mathematical foundation alongside the organizational ability to meet deadlines/due date.

    Supplies Needed;

    • OHS Planner
    • Pens or pencils daily in class
    • (1) 8 GB or larger jump drive (USB Drive) the larger the better
    • (1) Spiral Notebook

    General Rules

    Students must comply with the following rules when in my classroom or consequences ranging from consequences with the teacher to referrals and visits to their corral principal occur.

    1. Follow all ECISD rules outlined in the Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.
    2. The dress code will be enforced. All violations will be met with appropriate. Please, come to school dressed properly.
    3. Students may not have visible, use, display, or have in operational mode a cellular phone, or any other telecommunications device at school during school hours. Any electronic device that disturbs the class during school hours shall be confiscated and a parent must pick it up from the bookkeeper at the end of the school day.
    4. Students MUST wear their own ID in class. It must be worn on a grade appropriate OHS lanyard. If a student does not have an ID, they will be sent to the library for a temporary ID. Temporary ID's must be worn on the shirt on the chest.
    5. Students should be courteous, polite, and respectful to others at all times. There should be no talking when the teacher is talking.
    6. Severely disruptive behavior such as fighting, swearing, destroying property, defying the teacher, etc. will not be tolerated. Any display of such behavior will be dealt with accordingly.
    7. Students should follow directions and remain on the assigned task at all times. They should not play games, videos or surf the Internet when we should be working or participating in a guided discussion!
    9. Students should take care of all personal business before coming to class. The "no pass" policy for the first & last fifteen minutes of each period will be strictly enforced, so make sure you come to class prepared.
    10. Do not vandalize the computer/workspace in any way (i.e. marking on the computer or mouse pad or moving the keys around, etc.).

    Tardy Policy

    Please come to class on time. If you arrive late, come in and sign the tardy log. Please do not disturb others who are working.

    Grading/Late Work

    • Major Grade: 50%
    • Minor Grade: 45%
    • Planner Grades: 5%

    Late Work Policy

    • 1 day late = -15 Points
    • 2 days late = -30 Points
    • 3 days late = -45 Points
    • After the 3rd day it remains a zero and cannot be made up.

    Re-Do Assignments

    Students may re-do an attempted FAILED assignments for a maximum grade of 75 on the second attempt.


    All writing assingments MUST contain a heading with the student's name, class period, date, and assignment name.

    All digital files will be turned in using the following naming format:


    Students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in class. Students may not "work together" on graded assignments by using or copying another's work. Any student found guilty of dishonesty in any phase of assigned work will be subject to disciplinary action.

    If extra time is needed to complete assignments, please make arrangements with me to do so (before the last minute). You will find that I can be flexible with students who are serious about assignments and their grade.

    Internet Access/Electronic Devices

    Surfing and downloading from the Internet is forbidden without my permission. No cell phones, iPods, CD players, etc. (and/or similar devices) will be used in the classroom for this purpose. Any student found guilty of violating the Internet and/or game policies will be punished.


    Tutoring is available to all students and can be set up by appointment.

    These rules are to better the environment in our classroom. There are different types of equipment and tools in the lab, and it is quite costly to repair/replace if anything is broken or misused. I want everyone to have the opportunities to use what I have to offer in the lab; therefore, I expect you to uphold these rules every day, all school year long.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by e-mail or phone. I also welcome appointments to meet in person. You may e-mail at gerardo.garcia@ectorcountyisd.org, or contact me at 432-456-2080. Thank you and I look forward to a great year.

    Best regards,

    Gerardo Garcia

    Advanced Animation