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Achieve 3000

Achieve 3000

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    Training Module: Getting Started with Boost
    Here are a few helpful next steps – along with supporting resources – to support your launch: 

    Administer LevelSet™, the Foundation of Differentiation for Achieve3000 Solutions, and track LevelSet completion. Review this document with tips and resources to support you before, during and after administration. 

    Access these guidelines to support a successful Class Setup, including resources to help you edit class and student information.

    Monitor progress using Achieve3000 reports to ensure that students are meeting the target of two Activities per week with a first-try score of 75% or higher. Then motivate students with the Career Center and engage them in evaluating their own progress and setting goals with our student goal-setting tools.

    Visit Ask Achieve3000 in your Teacher’s Edition—your destination for everything you need to successfully implement Pro—from jump-starting a launch to monitoring progress, every step of the way.


    Contact: Natalie Briceno