• Are YOU ready to be a part of the Blue Wolf Family??!! 

    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:  Odessa Collegiate Academy is an accelerated high school program located on the Odessa College campus.  Odessa Collegiate Academy will average between 400-500 students for the 2022-2023 school year and will accept approximately 125 incoming Freshmen.  Over a four year period, our students take approximately 20 Honors high school classes from trained and certified ECISD teachers, and our students take approxiamently 20 college classes form Odessa College professors.  At the end of their Senior year, our students graduate with BOTH a high school diploma and a college associate degree (worth 60+ college hours).  Students accepted into our program take their college classes tuition free.  The online application will be live and ready for applicants beginning October 8, 2021.  

    Odessa Collegiate Academy is looking for self motivated students who accept the challenge of rigorous classes that require daily and weekend homework, assignments that are writing intensive, and for students who function well meeting assignment deadlines.  Our students receive a laptop to work on their assignments in Blackboard for all college and all high school classes.  After our students graduate, they are expected to transfer to a four year university and finish their bachelor degree at a college of their choosing.  Our students choose from six degree plans for their associate degree:  General Studies, Liberal Arts, STEM, Biology, Business Administration, and Teaching EC through 6th Grade.  Once acccepted, students will be required to attend Summer Bridge, July 25-28, 2022, before the school year begins.  

    If YOU are willing to work hard, participate in all your classes, manage your daily homework, attend tutoring, have excellent attendance, and strive for consistent A's and B's, then Odessa Collegiate Academy may be the place for YOU!  Earning your associate degree by the time you graduate from high school gives you a significant advantage as you transfer to a four year university.  Are YOU ready to meet the academic challenges and be part of the Odessa Collegiate Academy Blue Wolf Family?  We hope so!