• Crockett M.S. Orchestra Program
    playing violin
     Violin Players


    Viola ( alto voice in orchestra)



    Cello section ( tenor voice of orchestra) Bass ( foundation of orchestra)


    Beginning Violin*, Viola* or Cello* /Bass

    classes  are open to any 6, 7th or even 8th  grade student, new to orchestra program.

    All Enrolled Orchestra Students can apply and  use



    For anyone, who want to have their own instrument, Local music stores
    provide wide range of affordable  options, including rent to own.
           Students will have opportunity to learn basic playing techniques on the instrument of choice (VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO or BASS) , international language of music (reading, writing and counting music notation) as well as fundamentals of music appreciation.
        After successful completion of this course, students will be ready for exiting performing opportunities as a  member of Intermediate or Advanced Orchestra. 
    Beginners perform first concert !
     Intermediate Orchestra Course
    (open to 7th grade students with at least 1 year of orchestra training)
     This course is designed to improve, re-teach and transition students from elementary to intermediate level of playing. 
    This course is designed to transition students from beginning/ intermediate level of playing to advanced level of performing and sight-reading.
    ( By teacher's placement only)
    Crockett Advanced Orchestra performas at many events trough out the year.  
    . This course is designed to transition students from elementary to intermediate and concert level of playing.
    Crockett Combined event: Art show and orchestra  
    Parents/students who want to apply for a school instrument are expected
    to sign and return required  ECISD Instrument Loan Form with
    Required :non-refundable payment of $50.00 for entire year of
    cotests fees, t-shirt, use of technology in class,
    additional instrument supplies ( strings, rosins, bows, shoulder rests, rock stops etc.)
    (Checks should be made payable to Crockett Orchestra)

      Note: All school instruments must be returned after Spring Graduation Concert in May for inventory and repairs. Students who use school instruments will be unable to practice during the long summer break. Therefore, if at all possible, please consider obtaining your own instrument.

    Big WIN in Arlinton, Texas           1st chairs
    Spring Festival 2012

     This course will provide students with hands-on learning experiences through daily rehearsals .

    All eligible students may gain valuable orchestra, solo and ensemble concert experience through participation in many opportunities for excellence, provided by ECISD FINE ARTS PROGRAM:

    E.C.I.S.D.   Solo and Ensemble Contest;
    All-City orchestra,UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest,
    UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest,

    Winter, Spring & West Side Orchestra Concerts,

    Eligible orchestra students participate in exciting & entertaining
    Orchestra is FUN!
    Welcome to join us!
    Dr. Bairamova (Dr. B), Crockett M.S. Orchestra Director
    2301 N Conover, Odessa, TX. 79763
    (432) 332-1451 (ext. 538)