Amanda Rowan

    5th Grade Reading

    Reading is such an important aspect of your child's education, please make sure they are reading at home every night! 

    My contact information is listed below:

    Email: amanda.rowan@ectorcountyisd.org

    Phone: 432-456-1249



    Class Schedule:

    7:35-8:00 Breakfast/Lone Star

    8:00-8:10 Formative Loop/ Prepare for First Rotation

    8:10-9:12 Rotation 1 - My Homeroom Class

    9:12-10:18 Rotation 2

    10:20-10:30 Restroom Break

    10:30-11:35 Rotation 3 

    11:40-12:10 Lunch

    12:10-12:40 Recess/Zap

    12:40-12:50 Restroom break

    12:50-1:35 Specials/Conference  

    1:35-2:20 Language/S.S.

    2:20-3:05 Intervetion/A.R.

    3:05-3:15 Wrap up end of the day

    3:15 Dismissal 



    Classroom Expectations:

    All students are expected to-

    1. Be in class by 7:35 a.m. (Studens will be tardy if not in class by this time)

    2. Come prepared for class.

    3.Come ready to Learn.

    4. Complete their planner on a daily basis in class.

    5. Complete any homework and reading every night.

    6. Have their parent/guardian sign their planner everyday.

    7. Must take and pass at least one AR test every week.