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    School Wires Agenda
    April 2013

    What rights youhave when you login… and how to login.

    a.     Depending ifyou were added as an editor of that webpage, means that the current editor(teacher, Administrator of your department, or Building Administrator mustgrant you access and is up to their management preference). BuildingAdministrators have the final approval role for access and content.

    b.    Logging ingives you access to more than an editing role of a webpage.  It may give you access to pertinentinformation in which you are seeking.

    c.     If you areable to see an item after logging in, then you have access rights.  It is dependent upon the role chosen by theEditors.  View examples that I showonline.

    Help section“How do I…?”

    a.     You must be aneditor or have access.  There are differentways to do this depending on how the Formal Editor depends on your assistance.  Once you see the Green Editing Screen, go to “Howdo I…?” Tab. There are a lot of videos and whitepaper resources for you toview.  I then can type and add picturesand so forth…

    b.    Remember, ifyou are placing pictures on the website, you must type in an Alt. Text forthose that are disabled and can’t see the pictures.  This is the only way the picture will save.


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    a.     Hovering overthe tabs will give you typical access on a school computer.  Newer tablets and other devices make it moredifficult under the current webpages. You may always look to the bottom of the page and see if it has a mobiledevice view that may make it easier.

    b.    Watch theexamples of all the great information on our ECISD homepage (www.ectorcountyisd.org). View the Siteshortcuts for CScope and The dropdown link—they are different.  Also. Look at bilingual, and see how it treatsme for access.  There is a lot ofinformation from textbooks to online resources. This page is loaded and many examples exist.

    c.     Note how youare able to searchthe entire site.





    Navigating the new www.ecisd.info site.

    ECISD stands for something else:Educate, Connect, Inspire, Succeed, and Dream

    Feel free to navigate the entire areafrom CScope and Busing to one student’s comments.


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