• World History

    Hi Welcome to my World History class parents and students! 

    Course Overview: Within this course, students will not only learn about historical events, places, and people; they will also learn how “history” has and continues to influence our world today. This course will look at the past through the lens of today’s world and explore the impact of social, political, cultural, economic, and religious changes. This course will be taught and learned in a variety of different ways, including videos, student presentations, DBQ essays (Document Based Questions), reading, journaling/reflecting, current events, discussions, research, note taking, and lectures. Students will be encouraged and challenged to work with their classmates to discover “big picture” themes of world history that are still relevant today. The Major units to be covered within the class:

    UNIT 1: Agricultural Revolution, River Valley Civilizations, & Classical Civilizations

    UNIT 2: Collapse of Classical Civilizations & Post-Classical Europe

    UNIT 3: Religion & Rise of the Islamic Empire

    UNIT 4: Tang, Song, and Ming China & Mongols

    UNIT 5: End of Medieval Europe & Maya, Aztec, and Inca

    UNIT 6: Exploration (C&E) & Renaissance and Reformation

    UNIT 7: R&R Review, Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, & Absolute Monarchy

    UNIT 8: Revolutions & Industrial Revolution

    UNIT 9: Nationalism and Imperialism & WWI

    UNIT 10: Russian Revolution, Between the Wars, & WWII Bundle 11: The Cold War, Independence Movements and Post-Colonialism, & Globalization

    If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, ideas, or specific needs, please let me know.

    I can be contacted anytime via email, mark.varela@ectorcountyisd.org. Parents I will respond asap to any questions or concerns you might have as soon as possible.  My conference is 6th period, this is the best time to schedule a conference or address any concerns you might have concerning your child. 

    I look forward to another exciting year here at Permian!