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Arlo is a TDI certified full-time therapy dog at Permian High School. Arlo’s job is to help reduce anxiety, anger, bullying, stress, depression, trauma, and to bring positive attention to the field of mental health. Everyday Arlo greets students, faculty and parents, walks through classrooms and hallways bringing his love to everyone, helping students individually in his office, and ends his day outside saying “goodbye”. Arlo loves his job and loves everyone he meets.


♥Arlo’s Goals♥

  • Arlo assists his SAS counselor in increasing empathy and compassion when he works with students who are struggling with anger management issues, bullying, and other anti-social conduct issues; he helps each student improve his/her self-esteem.
  • Arlo assists his SAS counselor in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma related behaviors when working with students, teachers, and staff who have experienced a critical incident event.

♥Arlo’s Benefits♥


♥ Improving Psychological Development

♥ Improving Social Skills 

♥ Increasing Self-esteem

♥ Calming Fears

♥ Relieving Anxiety

♥ Lifting Mood

♥ Relieving Depression

♥ Decreasing Anger

♥ Decreasing Bullying Tendencies

♥ Catalytic for forming adaptive and satisfactory social interactions

♥ Increasing positive outcome of peer mediation



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