• Supplies


    This list is subject to change per individual teacher requirements.  Students are expected to have the required supplies within the first week of instruction.


    All students are REQUIRED to have 1 three-ring binder (3" or larger)

    If Students want to use a backpack it must be CLEAR or MESH.


    Wide-ruled notebook paper
    Pencils and erasers
    Supply Pouch
    Pens: Blue or Black, and Red
    Plastic tab dividers (2 sets)

    Some teachers may ask for additional supplies when school starts.


    *Package of colored pencils (12 to 24 color pack)
    *Glue sticks and scissors
    *Colored markers

    *Teachers will have class sets of these items.  Sutdents will not be required to carry colored, pencils, markers, glue or scissors.  It is recommended that these supplies be used at home.