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2022 Accountability Ratings

Academic growth drives leap in Accountability Ratings

It’s a new day in Ector County ISD. For the first time in school district history, ECISD earned a B rating from the Texas Education Agency, a result of the significant academic growth shown by ECISD students. Three years ago, the district’s overall growth score was 59, an F; now in 2022, that overall district growth score is an 85, a B. The tremendous growth is also reflected in the increased ratings for individual schools:

  • The number of schools earning an A more than doubled from 3 to 7
  • The number of B-rated schools doubled from 6 to 12
  • In 2019, 20 schools were rated either D or F, today 19 schools are either an A or a B 
  • 5 schools grew from an F to a B

“I am extremely proud of our entire team,” said ECISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri. “The results we share today are examples of our strategic focus and commitment to continuous improvement over the past three years.”

The growth is not isolated to a particular area, but is evident across the district, where 18 schools showed double-digit increases; 3 of the 5 high schools are rated A; and 5 of 6 middle schools are rated B or C. Five schools grew from an F-rating to a B, they are Burnet Elementary, Ector College Prep Middle School, Noel Elementary, Pease Elementary, and Ireland Elementary which improved by a staggering 38 points, the largest increase in the district.

“This kind of improvement only happens with great intentionality,” said Dr. Muri. “It is the result of a clear strategic focus coupled with effective execution. Even more impressive is this improvement happened during the pandemic and all of the challenges that came with it.

“For three years, ECISD has been on a transformational journey to foster growth in multiple areas,” added Dr. Muri. “We have seen it in Kindergarten Readiness with a 13-point increase, in SAT scores with a 40 point increase and performance above the state, in STAAR scores with improvements in almost every area, in our College, Career and Military Readiness with our highest score ever, and our Graduation Rate that is the best in over 20 years.

“These accountability ratings tell us we have grown, as a school system, to a new level of performance. We are now focused on the next step, our journey to excellence! This continuous improvement journey requires us to be bigger, bolder and better than we have ever been before. Our students deserve our excellence.”

A schools:

  • Reagan Elementary
  • G.H.W.B. New Tech Odessa
  • Gale Pond/Alamo Elementary
  • San Jacinto Elementary
  • Hays Elementary
  • Odessa Collegiate Academy

B schools:

  • Buice Elementary
  • Fly Elementary
  • Cameron Elementary
  • Burnet Elementary
  • Ireland Elementary
  • Blanton Elementary
  • Ector College Prep Academy Middle School
  • Noel Elementary
  • Pease Elementary
  • Jordan Elementary
  • Milam Elementary
  • Blackshear Elementary

C schools:

  • Nimitz Middle School
  • Ross Elementary
  • Bonham Middle School
  • Sam Houston Elementary
  • Gonzales Elementary
  • Permian High School
  • Goliad Elementary
  • Odessa High School
  • Crockett Middle School
  • Travis Elementary
  • Zavala Elementary
  • West Elementary
  • Wilson & Young Middle School
  • Austin Elementary

Not rated:

  • Bowie Middle School
  • E.K. Downing Elementary
  • Dowling Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Burleson Elementary
  • Cavazos Elementary


Included with this release is a side-by-side look at Ector County ISD’s Accountability Ratings from 2019 and from 2022. Blue is for an A-rating, green is for B, orange is for C, yellow is D, red is F and the pink is for Not Rated by TEA in 2022.

Ratings Comparison