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Strategic Plan 2019-2024 


ECISD logo with text reading OUR Students...THE future



In March 2019, our Team of 8 – the seven Ector County ISD Trustees plus the Superintendent – began work on a strategic plan to guide the District for the next five years. From their initial work came the overarching Vision.

Over the next year, more than 100 people – school district leaders, campus leaders, teachers, students, parents, and wide array of community members – strove to create a plan that will carry out the District’s Mission

“Believing OUR Students are THE Future, the mission of Ector County ISD is to inspire and challenge every student to be prepared for success and to be adaptable in an ever-changing society.”

From this work came three areas of focus; three strategic themes - Foundational Excellence, Talent Development, and the Learning Journey. You can read more about the initiatives that support these three themes on the left side of this page.

Our new strategic plan is not just a long list of boxes to check. It is a theory of action, if implemented well, it will forever influence and change the paths of our students. Their future is in our hands, and The Future is Now.



The Future is Now...Foundations, Talent, Learning