Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!
    The start of a new school year presents us with the important task of ensuring the safety and welfare of ECISD students.  To this end we must collect parental preferences concerning  students on a number of different forms.


    In an attempt to expedite the registration process, several of the required registration forms are now available online.  Just follow the easy steps below.  (You must have Acrobat Adobe Reader to open the forms.  Click here to download a free copy of Acrobat Adobe Reader.)
    Step 1:  Click on the link in the applicable column in the forms box below to select a form, 
    Step 2:  Select the form, 
    Step 3Type in your students’ information on the form in the applicable fields & select your preferences where indicated,
    Step 4:   Print the form,
    Step 5:  Click on the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of your browser to select the next form,
    Step 6:  Bring the printed forms with you to District Wide Registration. 
     FORMS IN ENGLISH:                                           FORMAS EN ESPANOL                         
       NEW TO DISTRICT STUDENTS                                     ESTUDIANTES NUEVOS EN EL DISTRITO
       RETURNING STUDENTS                                               ESTUDIANTES QUE REGRESAN             
    Registration forms are also available in the txConnect parent portal.  For more information on how to submit contact information updates for existing students and registration information for those new to district, click here.  

    Click here to see what information you need to bring to register your child for school.

    A copy of a current mortgage statement, lease agreement or a gas, water or electric bill for the residence of record in school’s attendance zone, in the parent/guardians name. No other type of “proof of residence” will be accepted.
    All students must be accompanied by a Natural Parent, Legal Guardian (w/verification from a court) or an Affidavit from ECISD. Parents/Guardians will need to provide verification of identity (driver’s license or photo ID) and of residence before being allowed to enroll their children.  
    We look forward to providing your students' academic foundation in 2017-18!
Last Modified on July 17, 2017