Absence Policy
    In order for an absence to be considered excused the parent must send a physician's note (if the student had an appointment), call in to the attendance office or send a note on the day the student returns to school explaining the reason for absence.
    Notes and/or phone calls will not be accepted to reflect an excused absence after 5 days. This 5 day time period applies to the date of the absence, not the date the child returned to school.
    3 Unexcused = Warning Letter from ECISD
    5 Unexcused= Charges will be filed by ECISD
    * If a student reaches 18 or more absences in one year ECISD policy states they can be retained.
    Physician's Note Info.
    After 5 absences all future absences will require a physician's note to be excused.
    After 4 consecutive absences a physician's note will be required to excuse the 4 previous and any remaining days of this specific absence period.
    Please be sure that all physician's notes are turned into the attendance office rather than the student's teacher.
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    Tardy Policy
    All students will recieve D-Hall after each accumulation of 3 tardies regardless of reason for the tardies.       


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Last Modified on August 13, 2008