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    Strategies for Math ESL (Help with ESL Strategies and the Student Level Review forms)
    Recommended WebSites Worth a Look:

    When Will I Use Math?

    We"ve all been asked this question at some point. This website offers quotes and tidbits about succesful and well-known math people. It also includes potential salaries and the math needed for various careers. Very interesting. Guaranteed to spark a discussion.

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

    The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) is an NSF supported project that began in 1999 to develop a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction (K-12 emphasis).

    Texas Math and Science Diagnostic System

    The TMSDS is an online resource for creating and taking TAKS based tests. The program also provides immediate data feedback, similar to DMAC data. Additionally, it has an excellent resource guide searchable by the TEKS student expectations. (It requires a Login. Contact campus administrator or Math Specialist for help.)
    Links to TI-Activites:
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