• Office 365



    Instructions for downloading Office 365 software at home:



    1.    Go to the ECISD homepage

    2.    Click on District Email

    3.    Click on the Settings wheel in the upper right corner

    4.    Click Office 365 Settings

    5.    Click Software

    6.     Click Install






    v  All current full time employees are given 5 licenses to install on any 5 computers. Once an employee leaves the district, those licenses will terminate but the option to purchase the Office products will be made available.

    v  The install for PC is Office2013 and for a Mac it's Office 2010.

    v  There is a large amount of data being pushed onto your machine and the speed in downloading will depend on your Internet provider.

    v  If you install Office on a machine but for some reason need to deactivate that installation, go to the same install location and click the deactivate button and you will gain back an available Office 365 install.


    The video below will help with the home installation of Office 365:   

    Office365 Home Installation Video


    For computer system requirements:

    ComputerSystem Requirements