• German Course Descriptions

    2423 GERMAN 1

    German I Grade Level: 9-12 Credit: 1

    Prerequisite/Notes: None

    In the first year of German, students develop the cultural understanding, attitudes and abilities needed to function and communicate appropriately within German society. Listening and speaking skills are emphasized, although oral reading skills and writing skills are included. In writing, students write the structures and vocabulary items they have learned to produce orally.


    2424 GERMAN 2

    German II Grade Level: 10-12 Credit: 1

    Prerequisite/Notes: German I

    Students learn to comprehend German spoken at a conversational speed and to converse intelligibly with another person. More emphasis is given to the skill of reading for meaning than in German 1, which stresses accurate pronunciation. Students write guided compositions and develop oral dialogues based on active vocabulary and previously learned structural concepts.


    2425 GERMAN 3

    German III Grade Level: 11-12 Credit: 1

    Prerequisite/Notes: German II

    This course extends the four basic communication skills inherent in language study. Students learn to understand oral narratives and conversation; participate in spontaneous original conversations; read with little dictionary assistance items such as reports, newspaper articles, or various types of literature written for the average native German; and write essays in German.

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