•  Ector County ISD
    2013-14 Proposed Criteria for House Bill 5 Community & Student Engagement 
    Factor #5 - Second Language Acquisition 
     Exemplary Met 7(8) targets PK-6 Met 8(9) 7-12
     RecognizedMet 6(8) targets Pk-6 , Met 7(9) 7-12 
     Acceptable Met 5(8) targets pk-6 , Met 6(9) 7-12
     Unacceptable Met 4 or below Pk-6, Met 5 or below 7-12
    Campus/ District Final Rating: 
     Met Target/ Didn't meet target  District/Campus/ Grade level  Description and Target Value  Supporting documentation
     1  PK-12  All bilingual/ESL students are served through bilingual/ESL programs as identified per Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) guidelines.  
    2  PK-12  Bilingual/ESL training is provided to teachers annually. (i.e., Café of Strategies, English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), SIOP, Bilingual literacy)  
     3  PK-12  Parent communications are sent to parents' home language when possible.  
     4  PK-12 A system is in place for parents to ask questions/address concerns in a language they understand.   
     5  PK-12  Parent trainings offered include bilingual strands and are focused on leadership, how to support children, specialized programs for students, cultural awareness programs/ & special events for parents.  
     6  PK-12 Campus has LPAC representatives parents who are trained in LPAC procedures.    
     7  PK-12  District/ Campus plan has specific goals and strategies for all English Language Learner (ELL) teachers and administrators to receive on-going training in second language acquisition.  
     8  PK-12  All (ELL) teachers and administrators receive  on-going training in second language acquisition in accordance with the district/ campus plan.  
     9  Grades 7-12  The school provides expanded opportunities for students to learn languages other than English by offering 2 or more languages (MS/HS), a bilingual/illiteracy seal upon graduation (HS), Advance Placement (AP) in Languages Other Than English (LOTE) exams, etc.