• Classroom Collaboration

    Transforming communication between classrooms into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging and accessible from anywhere encourages our students to become global learners.  The following software and hardware recommendations have been tested and found to be the most economical, effective and "instruction-friendly."
    Implementation support is provided by Instructional Technology.  Call Instructional Technology at 456-8489 to schedule training.  Call the Purchasing Department at 456-9719 for current equipment price quotes. 
    Software for each participating classroom:
    • Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business:  Part of Office 2013; Call the Help Desk at 456-8649 for installation if necessary.  Lync/Skype for Business quick reference guides and videos are also available in Moodle.  Click HERE to view the available software support information.

    Equipment for each participating classroom:

    • Webcam: includes built-in microphone; (approx. price $75)


    Optional Equipment:

    • Wireless Microphone allows remote students to hear the teacher more clearly as well as allowing the teacher to hear students in the remote room through an earpiece; (approx. price $153)
    • USB Microphone can be used in place of the webcam in the classroom receiving instruction; (approx. price $20)


    Testimonies and References:

    •  "It was awesome!!  The other teachers loved it too.  I think that it was very helpful, especially with our grade level having 2 subs.  I was very comfortable and just went with it.  Thank you guys for suggesting this to us."  and "Oh yes, the kids would ask me everyday if we were going to do a lesson."  Teacher at Noel Elementary
    • "This has really facilitated our being able to teach in two different places at one time and to be able to model the teacher without having to take them out of the class.  It lets us show them techniques and different strategies so that they're not as uncomfortable." 
      Teacher at Nimitz Junior High