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    Student Directory Information Release Code Tool

    This tool is intended for use by ECISD data entry clerks.
    This tool will generate restriction codes based on the choices marked on the ECISD DIRECTORY INFORMATION RELEASE FORM.
    This tool will generate codes ONLY. Restriction codes still need to be entered in iTCCS.
    Please remember to enter all restriction information by the date found on the Student Applications Production Calendar.

    How to use this tool:

    Step 1. Notice that all choices are initially checked "Yes."

    Step 2. Click on the "No" choices marked on the ECISD DIRECTORY INFORMATION RELEASE FORM.

    Step 3. Notice that "Yes" will be unchecked after you click on a "No" check box for that item.

    Step 4. A restriction code will be generated based on the "No" box(es) checked and will be displayed in the box next to "Use this restriction code."

    Step 5. Write the code on the appropriate section of the DIRECTORY INFORMATION RELEASE FORM.

    Step 6. Click on the Start Over button to reset all choices back to "Yes" and repeat steps.

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Last Modified on August 30, 2013