We Want You As a Substitute Teacher

    If you:
    • Have 45 college credit hours (core courses), (you must submit a certified copy of your transcript in a sealed envelope from your college or university),
    • Enjoy working with children and adolescents,
    • Want to touch the future by supporting public education.



    Why should I be interested in substitute teaching?
    • Districts often hire substitutes as full-time teachers or paraprofessionals if they have a proven record of success.
    • Work is plentiful.
    • Substituting is flexible - you work when you want.
    • It's an opportunity to get a variety of experiences and become known in a variety of schools.


    What kind of training do I receive?
    • Orientation that covers District policies and procedures, including required Sexual Harassment training.
    • Staff development opportunities (4 hours required) that include classroom management skills and effective teaching strategies.


    What will I get paid?
    Substitute Aide/Clerk/Secretary Salary:
    • $8.91 per hour (High School Diploma or Equivalent)

    Substitute Teacher Salary:

    • Non-Certified - (45 college hrs or more) $85/day
    • Certified Teachers - (Holds an active Texas Teaching Certificate) $100/day
    • Long Term Positions - A long term substitute with a teacher certification will earn $190/day, while a long term substitute without a teacher certification will earn $170/day. 
    •    Long term is defined as:
    • Ten consecutive days for the same teacher, in a core subject using the same SmartFind Express job number.  The increase in pay begins on the 11th consecutive day, and is NOT retroactive for the first ten days OR
    • Any substitute teacher who fills a certified teacher vacancy and is the teacher of record, for a job with a minimum of 10 days, using the same SmartFind Express job number.  The increase in pay begins on the 1st day for filling the 10+day vacancy after you have worked your 11th day.




               The Letter of Assurance was mailed  April 27, 2017.  The white copy of the letter   
                      will need to be returned by May 8, 2017, If you are planning on substituting for
                      2017 - 2018 school year.

                        2017-2018 Calendars are here.  You may come to the substitute office and pick one up.

          The orienation date  for December 11, 2017 is now closed.  Please watch for the next orientation date to be posted.    Make sure you have submitted your application  online and have the new hire packet printed and filled out.  Make sure you have done your six hour of observation.  Then you will need to call the substitute office at 432-456-9989 to make an appointment. As soon as the next date is posted.     Thank you.     

    To Apply as a Substitute Teacher/Aide/Clerk:

    Please complete and submit the online application(s) located at:



    Below you will find 2 packets, PLEASE COMPLETE ALL STEPS LISTED:

    Substitute Information Packet:

    • The Substitute Information Packet contains important information you need to know before you begin your employment with ECISD.

    • Please read the Substitute Information Packet before you begin filling out our new hire paperwork, as it includes a checklist of items needed for your personnel file

    • These forms do not need to be taken to Human Resources, please print a copy for your records

    • To access the Substitute Information Packet, Click Here

    Substitute New Hire Forms:

    • Substitute New Hire Forms include all of your new hire forms.  Please sign each form before you turn them into the Substitute Office.

    • Print FRONT SIDE ONLY - double sided copies will not be accepted.

    • To access the Substitute New Hire Forms, Click Here


      Substitute Teacher - Obtain a certified copy of your college transcript in a sealed envelope showing a minimum of 45 college hours in core courses

      Substitute Teacher’s Aide/Clerk – Bring your high school diploma or equivalent


      Observation Hours - Please complete 6 hours of observation at the school of your choice.  The hours MUST be obtained prior to scheduling your appointment.  Substitute Aides/Clerks/Secretaries do NOT need to complete observation hours.  Contact the campus secretary to schedule completion of these hours.


      Once you have everything complete in the Substitute New Hire Forms (all pages signed and dated; direct deposit information; FICA beneficiary information) AND THE NEXT TRAINING DATE HAS BEEN POSTED please call the Substitute Office at 432.456.9989 to schedule an appointment to bring in your completed packet.  Bring the completed packet, driver’s license, social security card and certified copy of your transcript with you to your appointment.  Incomplete packets will not be accepted.



    Criminal History Check, Drug Screen and Fingerprinting will be discussed at your appointment.  Registration for the Substitute Orientation will occur at this time.



    Substitute Handbook 2017-2018  CLICK HERE


    Returning Substitute Paper Work for 2017-2018 






    Drug screening, fingerprinting, and a criminal history check
    are required for all applicants.



    For more Substitute Teacher and Substitute Aide/Clerk  information,
    contact Dodie Trickett, Substitute Manager at: (432)456-9989