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Trustees workshop focuses on facilities needs

ECISD Board of Trustees Workshop

July 31, 2012


Superintendent of Schools Hector Mendez began the workshop with a recap of the events that led to this meeting.


  1. During the 2008-09 school year a large cross-section of community members charted this course with the creation of the District’s Strategic Plan. The first strategy in that plan focused on teaching and learning and was addressed through the three initiatives begun last year. The second strategy is infrastructure and that piece is being worked on now. These same priorities were renewed in board policy AE (Local) which the board created in 2011 to spell out its core beliefs and core commitments.
  2. In November 2011 the school board asked the superintendent to put together a community group to assess the District’s facility needs.
    1. The group met regularly for most of the spring semester and made a presentation to the Board of Trustees in February.
    2. Following that presentation, members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team visited every campus to update faculty members on the presentation and to take comments and questions.
    3. In May, the Community Group spearheaded a series of focus groups that included business, community members, parents, students, and teachers. All of these steps bring us to this workshop to lay out the infrastructure issues that are facing ECISD. In short form they are:

1.    Teaching and Learning Implications

2.    Student Movement & Growth

3.    Campus Capacities


Dr. H.T. Sanchez, Chief of Staff, presented to the board the teaching and learning implications ECISD's current practice has on students. He told the trustees ECISD's practice is unaligned with TEA's practice for teaching and learning. Dr. Sanchez said sixth grade students' needs for development are very different than K-5 and they need to be placed in an age appropriate support setting. Dr. Sanchez also stated to the board that TEA's practice allows for state assessments to be administered in a 9th-12th grade setting and where curriculum and extracurricular programs are supported. Dr. Daniel Loudenback, Director of Fine Arts also added that time limitations affect teachers who teach band and orchestra to 7th-9th grade students. He stated that it becomes a time efficiency issue where time is taken away from teaching because of the different grade level qualifications for UIL and TMEA auditions.


David Finley, Executive Director for District Operations, presented student growth and movement trends for the district. He stated that growth is mostly occurring in the north and west of Odessa. He pointed out to the board the percentage of over capacity at Fly and Cavazos elementaries, the two campuses in West Odessa and at Jordan Elementary in North Odessa. Mr. Finley said at one point the majority of the population was inside the loop and now it's expanded outside the loop. He said the great challenge for ECISD is how we place our students and it's about the expansion being in the right place. 




  • Will the oilfield "bust" have any impact on the student population? In the past the population from the oilfield boom has shown a steady rate in growth where student growth stays constant through a boom or bust.
  • In comparison to other districts what would get us closer to the benchmarks? 2 1/2 schools would need to be built and placed strategically.
  • Will moving to the middle school concept alleviate the 2 1/2 campuses needed? With a K-5 configuration for elementaries, space will free up but there's still a growth trend in west and north Odessa with only two campuses in the west and one in the north.

If a bond election is proposed the board will reach a decision by August 17, 2012.


The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


ECISD Facility Study

Student Growth and Movement                            Campus Capacities                             Facility Size Comparisons