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Parents & schools working together



Ector County Independent School District

Parent Involvement Policy


The goal of Ector County Independent School District is to promote a school-home-community partnership that will help all students in the district succeed. The Superintendent, administrators, teachers, and staff believe that parents are partners in the education of their children and that parent involvement and empowerment are essential at all levels throughout the school district.

Ector County Independent School District recognizes that the caregiver for a child may be a parent, grandparent, extended family member, foster parent, guardian, or any other legally authorized individual who has the sole responsibility of rearing the child.

Everyone gains if the school and homework together to promote high achievement by our children. Neither home nor school can do the job alone. Parents play an extremely important role as children’s first teachers. Their support for their children and for the school is critical to their children’s success at every step along the way.

This parent involvement policy will foster six roles for parent, school, and community collaboration and provide clearly defined strategies for each role to be implemented district- wide.


·         Assist families with parenting skills and help create home conditions to support student academic achievement.

·         Survey parents

·         Consult with parents and others in the community

·         Make a referral information development information readily available

·         Offer school space

·         Provide child development information

·         Capitalize on parent attendance at neighborhood and community fairs and events



·         Help to promote effective two-way communications among schools, families, and community members or groups.

·         Emphasize the importance of strong family involvement

·         Share school expectation

·         Develop a format for campus newsletters

·         Have several mechanisms for gathering opinions from parents, students, and teachers

·         Communicate at least one time a year about the school’s achievement data

·         Update signs around the schools



·         Organize and support family and community members in their efforts to support the school and its students.

·         Survey potential volunteers

·         Appoint a volunteer chairperson

·         Offer a variety of times to volunteer

·         Offer training to volunteers

·         Train parents to become parent mentors


·         Help families assist their children with homework and recognizing other learning environments.

·         Make parent support at home an important topic

·         Encourage parents

·         Offer suggestions to parents

·         Have family reading, math and science nights at school

·         Ask parents for input on homework assignments

·         Develop learning activities for families to use in the car

·         Help families celebrate successes


·         Include families and community members as partners in school decisions.

·         Make decisions after surveying comprehensive data

·         Offer leadership training

·         Do a parent check-in

·         Recognize parents for their efforts


·         Unite efforts and programs to provide services for families, students, school and community.

·         Invite businesses to school events

·         Publicly acknowledge partnerships

·         Mention generosity frequently and prominently

·         Get feedback and ideas to improve outreach to families

·         Ask all who participate in meetings to evaluate progress and identify obstacles

·         Write thank you notes

After taking a few minutes to look over the policy, we invite you to take a short, four-question survey. If you have children at more than one school you may take a different survey for each school. You can also request a paper copy of the survey from the ECISD Communications Department (456-9019) or the ECISD State & Federal Programs Department at 456-8769.

Click here to read our Parental Involvement policy and take a short survey!