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Board of Trustees Special Meeting, August 7

The ECISD Board of Trustees held a Special Meeting at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, August 7. A recap of the agenda is below.



The trustees heard a superintendent search presentation from School Executive Consulting, Inc.


Dr. Mike Moses told the trustees the firm has 11 years of experience and has been working with larger schools districts such as ECISD and every superintendent placement has been successful. The highlights of the proposal are working with the trustees to develop a timeline for the search and considering hiring a superintendent who will be able to be a part of the budget process and hiring for the next school year, which means finding a candidate by November. Dr. Moses told the trustees their firm has a good network of professionals in Texas and outside the state. He said they would post and advertise the job and would serve as recruiters and ambassadors for the district. He also mentioned they would send proposal letters to administrators asking them to apply or suggest strong candidates. As part of the recruiting process, trustees would be asked to each identify opinion leaders to be part of a focus group conducted by the firm which includes, students, parents, tax-payers without students in the district, business leaders, church leaders, school administrators and teachers to discuss characteristics they’d like to see in a superintendent. The firm will also work with the district’s communications department to allow other community members to offer their input.


The firm will work with the trustees to narrow down an expected search of 25-35 strong candidates to five or seven. Trustees will also be provided with about 100 questions to examine the candidate from their philosophy on education to curriculum and finances. The firm recommended a second round of interviews with two final candidates. Dr. Moses added that the applicants would only be asked to submit a letter of interest and a resume. There will be no formal application. The candidate will also have a background and financial check as well a reference check.


Trustee Donna Smith commented her understanding of the board letting the superintendent do their job, and balancing the oversight of the board, but wanted to know how to reconcile both. Dr. Moses responded it is how you work with each other and what the board needs to look for is a good listener who has wisdom and is a good communicator.


The cost for the consulting firm is approximately $27,800 with a national search or about $850 less with a statewide search. The firm guarantees a free search if the superintendent leaves the first year.


Board President Ray Beaty asked the trustees if they would like to continue hearing from other search firms or working with one of the firms that have presented. Trustee Nelson Minyard and Doyle Woodall recommended working with one of the firms who have presented. President Beaty will add moving forward with one of the search firms on the next board agenda.


Request for Approval of Closed Meeting (Level III Grievance Hearing) – 551.074 of the Texas Government Code [Board will hear a complaint against an employee] and/or Section 551.0821 of the Texas Government Code [Board will deliberate a matter regarding a public school student].


The agenda item was asked to be moved to a future date.


Request for Approval to take Action on Level III Grievance.


No action was taken.



Meeting adjourned at 7:04 p.m.