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A Blast From the Past Lesson

For the past twelve weeks Mrs. Deborah Johnson’s and Mrs. Karla Ortiz’s fifth grade GT (Gifted and Talented) students from Cavazos Elementary have been diligently working on a historic project dating back to the 14th century.

Using laptops given to them through an Education Foundation grant, the students researched everything related to the medieval times era; class systems, to culture, food and dress.  All their hard work and efforts ended this week with an Gallery Walk at Hays Elementary.  
The entire GT curriculum was saturated with learning experiences for these students from the very beginning.  They first learned about feudalism and the taxation structure of the medieval times.  After the intensive research, students were charged to build their own castle from recycled materials.  Their castles were intricate and complete with working drawbridges for protection, dining rooms and religious chapels.
During the gallery walk students answered any questions about their castle and research while giving others a glimpse into life during this time period. Chole Aranda (pictured below, left) presented her findings and when asked if should would want to live during this time period, she stated; “I would want to live during the medieval times only if I could be noble or knight, the peasants had a very hard working life.”  
Chole Aranda answering questions about her medieval castle   .  Oscar Garcia explaining his multi-level castle and to Hays Elementary students.

The GT program operates on a rotating schedule, next year eligible students will be learning about the renaissance age.  For more information on the Gifted and Talented programs at local elementary schools, visit the ‘Advanced Academic Services’ department page on ECISD’s website.